A bit about me

Hello! My name is Eve and I'm the face behind Mod Vintage Eve (MVE). I started MVE in 2016 after I found that I needed something to take my mind off work (a stressful accounting job) and creating was a good way of doing that.

I love to create candles, jewelry and many other things because it's so satisfying to know that I made that and it turned out. Ladies enjoy my products because they are a mixture of vintage, modern and handcrafted.

I start my process by finding inspiration for the perfect thing to create, for example, finding a vintage glass or tea cup to make a candle usually from a charity shop , then I set about making the candle or other item. All orders are shipped in a timely manner via NZ Post or Pass the Parcel and they are shipped carefully wrapped in bubble wrap inside a box or bag depending on the product. 
Custom orders can be made on request.

The top reason my shop stands out from the crowd is because I support charity with most of the candles I make and a lot of the items used are sourced from people who no longer want them. I strive for excellent customer service and high quality products. Have a look around my shop and feel free to send me a message if you have any questions or would like something custom made!


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